I recently had experience to travel with Turkish Airlines via Istabul, Turkey twice.

I had heard a lot of good stores about the airline that they are Europe’s top airline to fly with.

Let me tell you, its all pure bollocks and utter shite.

First of all, the Crew doesn’t speak very good English and on top of that, they are bloody rude assholes.

Though, it did not happen to me on the way to my destination but the flight attendant did it to another lady who was sat in front of me.

We all boarded the plane and I didn’t have much hand luggage on me so I just sat down.

The lady in front of me had a rather heavy bag and she was struggling to put it in to the top box.

Before I could get up, a flight attendant went past and the lady asked, Can you put this for me (Exact Words), she was very kind.

I think she forgot to say Please but I could tell from her tone she was very appreciative, however, the flight attendant was not. Instead of helping her out, he kept on repeating to her, Can I ask you do put the bag on top (Exact Words) and then until she said so, he wouldn’t put the bag.

Now, I thought this could be a one off as it can happen.

The food on the plane was below average and they give you a menu to choose from BEEF or CHICKEN so I asked for chicken and I was told no CHICKEN is left. What the fuck !!!!


On the way back, I had my family with me which includes 2 under 4 years old kids.

Again, the breakfast was some boiled mushrooms which we didn’t eat.

They did not have baby milk on board which was appalling.

When we landed in Istanbul then you get to see some right pricks in form of Turkish CAA staff.

Don’t even bother asking them any questions about what is where and where is what, they will just blatantly ignore and go past you.

I collard one of them who was onĀ  the mobile chitting chatting and she weren’t really happy.

I swore at one in full voice because he was on the disabled buggy and was forcing his way through while the kids were walking, dickhead.

Then, we boarded the flight to the UK and that 4 hours flight was like hell.

The plane was very hot. The kids kept on crying due to heat.

The didn’t have CHICKEN yet again and no baby milk either. There were many other families complaining.

All in all, a shite experience and not traveling with them CUNTS again.


Travel Experience with Turkish Airlines
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