Ever been ripped off by an insurance company. Most of us have been but there are some cunts of the companies which break all the barriers in bad manners, fucked up call system, no customer service and generally being assholes from the

beginning to an end when you call them.


Okay, I understand that I should have called them and told them about the new car I am getting.


There is one exception, they are nice when you buy insurance with them but thats about it, it ends the moment they get your money through.


I bought insurance with them last year. They were on gocompare. Found them cheapest so after filling all the details right and checking and double checking, I went ahead and was directed to go to their website. Again, checked and re-checked the details. All looked okay and the price so I went ahead and paid online the deposit.

Half an hour later, I receive a call from Cunt Choice Insurance Brokers and a bitch wanted to speak to me. And she says there policy is unless we confirm all the details they don’t insure so she wanted to go through all the data. Note: I have a

lready used my card details and paid online.


So while running through the questionaire, I am told that my license details are wrong and that it is not 9 years old, it is 8 years old. I said that is exactly what I put on your website and checked but the bitch is adamant that I have not and that they are wrong and that their system pulls the right info.

And then she says because Its one less year, the insurance will go up by £75 quid. What the fuck?

I tell her to leave it as I will go ahead and insure with someone else but I am then told that there is admin charge which will be deducted from the deposit I paid which is £45 quid.

After much thinking, I just though, fuck it and go ahead with the insurance.

Now, 10 months in line, car packed in so went ahead a bought another car which has 7 seats but similar engine size. They will not insure it. Upon asking why, there is a RISK. What RISK? Don’t know but there is  a RISK. She then tells me that to continue the insurance, SELL THE CAR YOU BOUGHT and BUY ANOTHER ONE which is only 5 seats. I told her to do one.

Fucking hell, tell me what is the risk. At this point that bitch of a woman is talking shite out of her bumhole and wouldn’t even listen, so I asked her to put me through the manager.

Ohhh fuck, another dickhead who would not listen and would not tell what RISK.

That company is full of daft twats so I would steer clear of them.

I will never ever insure with these CUNTS again.

My advice would be to pay extra but go with some decent ones.

RIGHT CHOICE —  YOU ARE WRONG !!!! Die in your piss whoever you are.

Right Choice Insurance Brokers — Not so fucking right.
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