If  you are reading this and your father and mother is alive then you need to look after them and make most of the time you have with them as they say once they are gone, they are gone and only regret is left.

My father passed away all of a sudden back in 2011. It was the worst day of my life. It felt like the world has fallen apart and it also felt like, I wanted to die or I wanted to be with my father one way or another.

It was the day of Eid-ul-adha(Hajj).

I was awake very early that day and I thought that I should call my father before Eid but I changed my mind and thought I would call him straight after Eid prayer. Little did I know that he was not going to be in this world after Eid namaz. May Allah grant my father Jannat al Firdous. I love him so much and still miss as it was yesterday. I shared so many good and bad memories with my father. He was a very close friend.

I am happy to say that I have spent my very best of life with my father and he was happy with me.

He was very happy the day I got married and I am sure he would be watching his grand children from heavens above.



The purpose of this post is not my father’s death, May Allah grant him jannat. Everyone has to taste the death.



You will know who you true friends, relatives are once you lose a loved one.

I am sad to say, this is TRUE. I found out who my true well wishers were straight after. Thank FUCK for that. I would rather have worst enemies than someone who calls themselves a relative or friend and then shows true colors.

I had never expected some people to just turn around and do whatever they have done just a few months after my dad past away as if they were waiting for all of this.

I don’t understand why people forget that the way they treat others is the way they will get treated one day.

In asian culture, there are some very bullshit manners and I mean bullshit and I don’t believe them anyway. As an example, if someone is older than you then he/she automatically gets the RIGHT to insult you. No, not with me. Play nice games to score brownie points. Go knock yourself out, your true nature will get revealed one day.

All I care is my immediate family which is my mother and brothers/sisters and my wife and my kids, the rest can DO one.

If you are a Pakistan asian, you will have understood this post straight away.

I would be surprised to find out if other cultures are similar but our asian culture is so fucked up in some things.

God bless all.

This is what happens(asian society) when your father dies!!!!
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