For those who own one will have come across the this dreaded job.

Symptoms: P0171 Fuel System Too Lean / Juddering in low or high gears

Solution: Clean the Tract Valves

How : Lets begin

Things you need:

1. Inlet Manifold Gasket

2. EGR Valve Gasket

3. Spanners / Tools & you the tool who is doing the job 🙂


Time it will take :

If you are:

– A numpty like me then 4-5 Hours

– A shit hot mechanic then 2-3 Hours

Step One : Remove Scuttle Panel : This is held by 4 x Torx Screws.


Step Two : Unplug ECU : there are 2 x plugs, Pull and unplug


Step Three : Unscrew ECU. This is is held by 3 screws, 2 x TORX and 1 x some other type which also has earth cable on it.

Step Four : Unscrew the ECU plate on which ECU was screwed. Keep it safe.

Step Five : Unscrew Air intake, this is held by 4 x Torx screws again. This will make job easier when unscrewing manifold

Step Six : Unscrew 8 x bolts and 1 x bolt from underneath to loosen the manifold

Step Seven : Unplug water tube and millios of plugs. Take pictures if you think you can’t remeber where they go.

Step Eight : I didn’t remove the manifold but just moved it out of the way. The seal will come out in a filthty state


Step Nine : Unscrew 8 x TORX for EGR Tracts.

Step Ten : Remove the plate alongwith gasket. It will be BLOCKED.


Step Eleven : Clean it, scrub it, but clean it. Also unblocked 4 x tract holes. This took me half an hour as they were utterly filthy.


Step Tweleve : Apply new gaskets and put it back together.

Double triple check all the connections etc.

When I first fired the car up, it was a bit hesitant. Sounded like the battery was a bit low but then it fired up.

It sounded a bit rough to begin with but went very quite.

Gave it a run and no judder at all. The P0171 used to appear within half an hour after I used to reset, so far so good.

You have it done and you deserve some food:



Vauxhall Zafira XEL Engine – Cleaning EGR Tract Valves
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