The most disappointing thing of all was that nothing has changed over there. Absolutely nothing.
The values are going down, corruption is at its level high, no basic necessities electricity, gas, water etc etc etc.

Government is doing sweet fuck all to make life better for the nation. Why should they. The nation is dumb, they should have known what is coming and should have not voted for PML(N) once again. Now complain isn’t going to do anything.

Islamabad Airport is a right mess. For an international airport of a Capital of a country its a disgrace so is the security, police etc and so is the staff.

On the up side, back in my home town, life is calm and quiet as I saw growing up. Values still matter, people do look after you be it friends or families.

Hover over to this link for some videos >>>

There are some videos of my village and Eid Ul Adha as well.

Pakistan Trip

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