Somethings are impossible to get out of your brain. 5th of November. 2 years as of today when my Papa passed away. He died off heart attack and it was very quick. I still cannot believe that he is not with me any more and I cannot get this feeling out of my head. I feel so helpless. My mind is unable to accept that he is not with me anymore in this world. It drives me mad. I don’t know what to do. Its a feeling only those understand who has lost someone very close.

I see young kids here and there who do not look after their parents while parents want to look after them. Look after your parents. They are irreplaceable. Worth them.

I loved my dad, I still love him. We shared so many good memories together. I sometimes see him in my dreams and we talk like we used to. May be there is a connection there, Allah knows best.  I do hope I see him one day even if that means after I die. I have family on this side of the world and people on the other side to look forward to as well.

May Allah grant him a place in Jannah and raise his darajat. I will be his sadka-e-jaria.

I have been to see Papa many times whilst back at home in Pakistan.

Papa 🙁

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