Hello fellows,
Don’t know where to start but I am getting very frustrated with the situation and halaat e haazra of Pakistan and I keep thinking what least I can do to help in some way to solve the issues my country is facing.

I am not going to jump straight up and indulge myself in politics as we have our top politicians for that – All talk no do eehhhhhh!!!!

Starting from very basic, what is it that I see is wrong.

Lets take the issue of littering. Gandgi, koora karkat. Why is that we see shit everywhere on roads, play grounds.

I see people dumping rubbish where ever they want. Here is what goes through my mind when I see it:

1 – Why do they do it
2 – Why can’t they dump it somewhere in the bin
3 – Should they be made accountable
4 – Litter control – who has a duty by law etc

Starting from the very first point, the reason some people do it is because they can do it. They know there is no accountability and no one is going to say anything. Second factor is education. People need to be taught to BIN the shit not use public places as bins.

That leads me to my second point, I do not see many bins around provided by local council / govt anyway. They are not proactive enough. simply, they do not give a shit.

clearly everyone involved should be held responsible from a person chucking stuff on the road to the government. There aren’t adequate services provided.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for everyone to do their part.

I get very annoyed when I see same people (of course from Pakistan), here, following the rules and the moment they land and get in the Islamabad international lounge, they light up a cigarette in a no smoking area and start showing off. Grow up you brainless piece of shit, its your country, respect the country like you respect your mother thats if you do. Your country is like your mother.

You are not superior than a person who follows the law and queues up.

Someone has to take a stance

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