to be held accountable for / to account / to be responsible of/for something

There is always someone responsible for something which happens somewhere in the world be it a financial glitch, a bomb , a suicide attack or mass fuckup of a country. i.e: crisis of Pakistan.

Who is responsible for what ever is happening in Pakistan.

Corruption : The biggest issue we have is corruption in our country. I know you will say the government is corrupt but lets start from a very low level. How honest am I individually. Can I answer this question honestly. If I cannot then I am one of those corrupt people which add to masses of them.

Lets talk about Passport office in Attock City which is my local office. I went their get a passport for my wife. Paid urgent fee. While I was in there waiting in the jungle, I could see the officer who was checking documents who was dealing with people who I don’t know were coming in from the back of the queue with some agent and getting their documents looked at and approved.

After 3 hours wait, it was finally our turn. So, without looking in to the documents, he goes, does your wife have her Matriculation Certificate. I said why do you ask for that ? He goes, to verify her age. I was like, we are not sure and he goes without that the passport application will get refused. WTF?

Anyway, after much arguing, we submitted application but a person outside (who was one of the agents), said, if you give him 500 rupees, he will get everything done within days.

The purpose of telling this story is, why has it got to be like that? Why cannot all of us just earn Halal and avoid haraam / rishwat.

Nadra is another one with same issues. Who is accountable for corruption in such places and why something is not being done to sort them out. I am just touching the tip of an iceberg.

it makes me really sad. With upcoming elections, I hope Imran Khan wins and after he is elected, Allah gives him enough light to see all this.


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