I am no mechanic but I would like to learn.

So, come winter, I parked up my motorbike and took the battery off it.

Now, being the way I am , I one weekend plugged the battery in and there’s no sign of life in it. The battery shows good voltage but nothing what so ever.

The bike has an immobilizer fitted to it and its a well known brand called Selca MT8 and I quite like it. Having read on it, I found out that the immobilizer may have an internal battery which might have drained so  before the bike can show signs of life, that particular battery needs recharging. So I charged the batter to the full and plugged in and left it on the bike for a while. Still nothing.
By this point, I am panicking that it has mysteriously developed an electrical fault in the winter.

I even ordered a new battery but still no joy. ((( STOP HERE IF YOU ARE ORDERING A NEW BATTERY DON’T))).

Then I found this website >>>> http://www.themotorcyclemedic.com/ and I managed to give it another go.

Also, it is very useful to have a service manual for your bike as you will need to know which fuses are what and where.

Upon further diagnostics and with the use of the website above, I found out there was a 30 AMP fuse in the starter relay which was busted so I replaced it with a new one and she is alive. Yipeee!!!!

And the immobilizer was not working but once the bike was running the immobilizer started charging and then that came to life as well.

Happy Days.

ZX6R Start Up Issues
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